What are some of the best ideas in the digital age?

Paper is perhaps the best technical inventions of humankind. We use it to wrap, protect and clean our environment. Most importantly, paper helps us think, capture the spark of brilliance, and share our inspiration.

Open source philosophy applies principles of attribution from the academy and the economy to foster big ideas, and put them to action. Setting our work free for others to nurture without territorial fear is a beautiful act of generosity when it’s oriented toward the good of others. Together we create something better than could on our own.

Human-centered distributed teams bring about the spirit of collaboration. The modern institution is giving way to the dignity of the individual person by enabling people to work on their own terms.

Carl Jung described a collective unconscious common to all humankind. It manifests itself in our dreams, then as we think and speak. As people learn to work with machines, software is improving, and the velocity of ideas is proliferating.

JotDown is an intelligent WordPress platform that captures elemental pieces of writing via smart prompts and elegant design. People can assemble complex ideas to help them make sense of the world. It transforms ideas into physical being, order out of chaos. JotDown aims to tap a deep river of inspiration which is arguably the most real thing in life.

JotDown is currently in Beta, but you can request access.


About Us

Shannon Swenson is an executive producer to global brands in digital media. Formerly a senior director of WordPress VIP at Automattic, and a principal offering manager at IBM, he brings people together to create meaningful work. Learn more at https://about.me/shannonswenson.

Mary Swenson is a high school student pursuing interests in business and psychology. She is a savvy observer of social trends and business operations on digital platforms. She is discerning an entrepreneurial career, and aims to pay for college by the time she graduates.

We are father & daughter co-founders in Austin, Texas. We love to travel with wife/mom April and son/brother Simon, and volunteer in our parish community.

A typical Saturday night in our home is watching popular business shows, movies and quirky videos on YouTube, Reddit and TikTok.

We have lots of ideas and paper notes scattered around.